About us

FlyCheapAlways is a fast-growing online search engine for flights and hotels, which sources the best prices worldwide. We search over 700 airlines and 200 travel agencies to find you the lowest-fare tickets, and our advanced search and filters let you book the flights that best suit your needs. FlyCheapAlways is a free service and we exclusively partner with agencies with strong reputations.

In addition to flights, we offer hotels, economy car rentals, and partnerships with Go City Cards, Ticket Network, Musements and more. We are continuously adding offers and travel tips to make your next trip memorable.

Our aim is to help you save on trips and plan your best vacations. Stay tuned for our travel blog featuring fun travel facts, city itineraries, and travel tips. Please subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated on flights, hotels and current deals.

Some of our leading airlines include American Airlines, United Airlines, Lufthansa, Jet Airways, Air China, Qatar Airways, Air Canada, Air New Zealand, Turkish Airlines, and many more. We offer free services and fair prices, which means what you see* is what you pay- no hidden fees. We are rapidly growing our network to provide you with a top-notch travel experience.

*Prices rounded off to the nearest dollar or equivalent unit currency

5 Advantages of booking with us:

  1. We find the lowest-fare flights from all over the world, and you choose the one you prefer.
  2. We do not charge you any hidden fees.
  3. We work with many partner companies so you can have an extensive choice of destinations, promotions, and discounts.
  4. We work exclusively with proven and reliable companies.
  5. We partner with other travel companies and bring you offers from Go City Cards, Musements, and more.
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