Top 10 tips for finding last minute low fare flights and accommodations.

Have you ever had that overwhelming urge to book a flight to a relaxing destination after a long and stressful work week? Following that spirit of wanderlust has never been easier. (after all you only live once!) The prospect of looking for last minute cheap flights and accommodations(hotels/hostels) should not be a daunting task.We at Fly Cheap Always help you find the cheapest flights and hotels.Use these 10 pointers listed below to find even cheaper last minute flights and accommodations.

  • Be flexible with dates
  • Search multiple airports within destination
  • Fly mid-week if possible
  • Clear all search result filters
  • Try alternate accommodations and save more on travels
  • Get the best backdoor deals
  • Explore all deals for your travel plans
  • We are here for YOU
  • Be creative with your search
  • Plan ahead next time

Tip #1: Be flexible with dates

We know that making travel plans and being flexible can be difficult to juggle. However, it can be worth it if you stop to think about all the additional shopping or sightseeing you can do with the money you save. If you have a flexible schedule, then play around with different dates. Use our Low Fare calendar widget (flight planner tool) and find the cheapest flights on a given week or month to fly. Based on our research, adjusting your flight schedule a couple of days, can save you up to 30%!

Tip # 2: Search multiple airports within destination

There is security and peace of mind in flying into a familiar city airport. Flying into a city with a name you have never heard of can be intimidating. What if doing this can save you $100 or more? (that will get you a nice meal at fancy restaurant or 20 gallons of gas in the Bahamas!) Some cities have multiple airports. Instead of searching for a particular airport, search for cities. For example, Chicago has multiple airports and round trip flights from Atlanta to Chicago midway airport (code: MDW) was $106 whereas from Atlanta to Chicago O'Hare International Airport (code: ORD) was $98. (and yes we also search for Southwest flights!)

multiple airports in chicago
chicago flight $106
chicago flight $98

Tip # 3: Fly mid-week if possible

If you ever found yourself standing in a slow moving line, daydreaming of all the things you could be accomplishing on your to do list, then this is a tip for you. Ever wondered why you had to take that economics class? Here’s why: flight fares are based on the simple rules of supply and demand. When the demand increases, the fare increases proportionally, and so do the lines at airport. Try to avoid the crowds and look for tickets midweek. In doing so, you will not only save money, but also avoid long lines at the airport.

Tip # 4: Clear all search result filters

We’ve given you the tools you need to find the best deals. Now comes the enjoyable process of using them effectively. (Don’t worry it’s not rocket science!) Everytime you make some changes to your search, be sure to clear all the filters in the search form. When you change dates or include more airports to your search, we reset the filters for you so you can receive an entire list of flights and hotels. We believe sometimes adding a stop on your flight can bring down the fare immensely.

Pro Tip: Don't like too many options? Use the filter option “best tickets” and we will optimize your search results into 3 categories: Cheapest, Best and Optimal. If you want to switch back to the entire list click on the “All Tickets” option.
multiple airports in chicago
chicago flight $106

Tip # 5: Try alternate accommodations and save more on travels.

Traveling alone and want to make friends while saving money on accommodations? We at Fly Cheap Always strive to help you save money while traveling. This is why we don't just search hotel websites like, agoda,, but we also search for hostels to find you the cheapest accommodations. After you use our Hotel search, filter the results using our “Property Type” filter to choose “Hostel” and save on your trip while embracing the opportunity to make new friends.

Pro Tip: We provide extensive filter options for you to choose the accommodations which best suit your needs.

Tip # 6: Get the best backdoor deals

Imagine being the on the VIP list of an exclusive club.Well here’s a secret - some flight deals are not published online and are agent only deals. What if we told you that we can grant you access to these exclusive deals hot off the press.We invite you to subscribe to our newsletter which offers exclusive deals and discounts as well as travel tips and tricks, and recommended itineraries such as our 2 day itinerary for Chicago.

Tip # 7: Explore all deals for your travel plans

When you are researching and planning what activities to at your travel destination, don’t forget to check out our offers.We partner with reliable and cost efficient 3rd party tools to make your travel experience memorable. This includes attraction tickets, bike rentals, car rentals, yacht rentals, eurorail passes, ticketnetwork for concerts, shows and many more.

Tip # 8: We are here for YOU

Need us to look for cheapest flights and hotels? No problem! We will be happy to assist you and find you low fares on last minute flights and hotels.Email us at or find us on facebook and instagram and we will be happy to help.

Tip # 9: Be creative with your search

Just as creativity led people to winning the Grammy Awards, using creativity in your search will save you money. (Think of all the things you can buy now!) We believe a round trip is generally cheaper than 2 one-way tickets. However, sometimes booking 2 one-way tickets can be cheaper than one round trip. Play around with the search options or just write to us with your source, destination cities, travel dates and we will do the work for you.

Tip # 10: Plan ahead next time

We know life is not a perfect science. Things come up, and we have to drop everything and book last minute flights. However, when possible, book your flights early and get the best fares.Most of the airline fares are cheapest around 45-30 days prior to the departure dates.

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